About Us 

Khalifa Al Hinai Advocates & Legal Consultancy, founded and led by Khalifa Saif Al Hinai himself, has the reputation of being one of the top local law firms in the Sultanate of Oman. Khalifa Saif Al Hinai himself was not only a former judge but continues to be well known in the legal world of the country through his actions and voicing of his opinions on a multitude of legal areas rather than specializing in one area which is reflected in the firm’s capability to handle cases of many disciplines.


Khalifa Saif Al Hinai is known for his unique personal characteristics and goes to many lengths to ensure that his firm is run differently from other firms so as to compete with international law firms through high quality and diverse services and provides benefits not only to clients but also to the Sultanate of Oman itself. He believes education is extremely important and due to this is always looking to help aspiring lawyers and graduates through the provision of training at the firm as well as gives lectures at the University of Nizwa and Judicial High Institute. In addition to this he has judicial experience as he has served as a President of Court for several years and has published many publications and research on legal issues of varying areas. He is an active figure in the legal community and participates in regional and international legal workshops and conferences.


The firm continues to gain success and achievements through its professional and multi-cultural legal team which ensure a vibrant, friendly, and open-minded atmosphere within the firm. Due to the familial environment of the office, Khalifa Al Hinai Advocates & Legal Consultancy demonstrate an warm approach to not just the law and the clients, but also to each other, which allows them to work together seamlessly under direct supervision of Khalifa Al Hinai for the provision of high quality legal services.


In addition to our Muscat Branch, the firm also has a branch in Nizwa, located 140 km from Muscat. It is led by Ms. Sumaiya Ali Hamad Al Rashidiyah, who is an Omani Appeal Court lawyer known for her high professional standards and experience in both law and management. The Nizwa branch is mainly focused on litigation and dispute resolution in addition to consultancy work including drafting and reviewing of contracts, agreements, and other types of legal documents.

CEO Message

Khalifa Saif Al Hinai’s open-minded approach to running his firm means that the office itself is engaged in a multitude of legal disciplines whilst ensuring that all clients are kept up to date with all necessary information. This is to create not only a professional atmosphere, but also a friendly one with our clients, which in turn leads to a long-lasting relationship, even after all professional duties have been completed. Due to this approach, Khalifa Al Hinai Advocates & Legal Consultancy continue to stay in touch with all past clients and even go a step further by forming professional cooperation agreements as a result of the relationship built between the firm and our clients.


The firm has a dedicated division of qualified, national and expatriate legal advisers, presenting high quality of legal consultancy services to different companies and financial institutions. The major work of this division includes transfer of shares, capital restructuring, merger & acquisition, board of directors’ resolutions and meetings, liquidation, trademarks, banking and finance issues. The advisory role of this division extends to embody negotiation, drafting and reviewing different types of contracts, agreements and Memorandum of Understandings and other types of legal documents.

Our Services

With teams dedicated to both general litigation and corporate issues, Khalifa Al Hinai Advocates & Legal Consultancy carries out all expected services of a legal firm with litigation taking place before different stages of the courts as well as handling dispute resolutions between conflicting parties through forms of dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration. Contracts are a vital service and we provide drafting, review, and amending services for a variety of clients both individual and corporate in nature.


We strive to provide services of the highest quality which we ensure by blending our experience, knowledge of the law, and interpersonal skills along with understanding a constant need for improvement and advancement. The firm encourages innovation even within its legal team and as a result has an open minded and free atmosphere which we hope leads to us providing work of the highest integrity as this allows us to constantly train ourselves to be better. Whether we are older and more experienced lawyers, or young and fresh graduates, our firm understands that there is always room for improvement and the best way to provide the high-quality services, is to endeavor for excellence.