Practice Areas


Arbitration is fast emerging a preferred choice of dispute settlement and the Sultanate of Oman is no exception. Our office has impartial and learned experts who have participated in several arbitration panels over the years. We also specialize in a variety of areas to represent our clients before arbitration panels.


We have dedicated team of specialized lawyers and legal advisers in issues related to consumer protection who represent our clients before the Consumer Protection Authority (CPA), and public prosecution and different courts, as Oman actively enforces a proactive consumer protection regime at various levels.


We have a division for corporate issues with a group of qualified and experienced national and expatriate legal advisers presenting high quality of consultancy services for various companies and institutions. Our office has registered several leading companies in Oman with foreign participation subject to the Foreign Capital Investment Law and the Commercial Companies Law of Oman.


We have a distinguished team of senior lawyers and consultants presenting legal advice on issues related to the application of criminal and civil laws in the Sultanate of Oman. Our lawyers are qualified and experienced to represent clients before the Royal Oman Police, the Public Prosecution and all stages of litigation from Primary Court to the Court of Cassation.


Oman is a popular destination for investments but running a successful business is a complex issue and requires wise legal assistance. Accordingly, we advise our clients the best available opportunities of investments and the benefits and challenges of investing in Oman. We support our clients with the necessary legal information to make them confident in taking important business decisions.


Our office is registered as an authorized agent in the register of intellectual property agents in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion and we have experienced lawyers specialized in representing our clients in issues related to infringement of intellectual property rights such as copying and unauthorized use of trademarks, designs, logos, and other privileges.


Our teams have a vast amount of experience in labour cases and our services concerning labour law and employment in the Sultanate of Oman including advice on employment issues, review and vetting of employment contracts and agreements and representation of our clients before Disputes Reconciliation Committee of the Ministry of Labour and before courts of different levels.


We have a team of specialized lawyers presenting high quality of legal consultancies in personal affairs cases including inheritance, divorce, and custodianship and all family disputes, and representing our clients before various levels of courts. The office has wide experience in management of inheritance including bequeathal and finalizing all the procedures through the agreement of parties or adjudication by the Courts.


Real estate development and investment either by lease or through any other ways forms an important pillar of Oman’s emerging economy and accordingly form a major chunk of litigations in the country. Our office has lawyers and legal advisers specialized in such kind of suits and presenting legal services including legal opinions on land laws, usufruct, lease, and drafting, vetting and review of contracts and agreements for real estate development and other related issues.